How to Leverage Colocation in the Hybrid Cloud Environment

Although most workloads can conceivably run in the cloud, colocation and dedicated hardware aren’t disappearing.

Enterprise IT can customize a suite of cloud services – backup as a service, disaster recovery (DR) as a service, low-latency hybrid cloud interconnects – and colocation space, while tacking on extras such as IT asset lifecycle management. This accommodates existing capital investments and workloads that require direct business ownership and control.

While many customer facing applications are increasingly deployed in Public Clouds like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform, enterprises of all sizes are still running many of their non customer facing applications in house. There are many factors to consider when you decide on the best option to deploy your applications, from costs to compliance requirements, just name a few. 

For some customers and their applications, managed services on dedicated hardware or managed colocations offer the right balance between owning a data center and pure cloud. For instance, the combination of application and server-level monitoring services on dedicated hardware enabled some customers to optimize the code and catch problems before customers felt the effects.

Managed colocation or dedicated hardwares also help to minimize routine IT tasks burden on enterprises, with the specialists from managed service providers acting as the outsourced IT department. You can offload routine works like set up an OS, do security updates, so that you can focus on your core business. 

Managed colocation or dedicated hardware provider can also provide customized solutions to meet unique customer requirements, from power and cooling density, unique hardware configurations, unique bandwidth and security requirements. 

How to leverage Colocation in the hybrid Cloud environmentSilicon Valley is one of the largest data markets in the U.S., and has many experienced managed colocation and dedicated hardware providers to help enterprise optimize their hybrid cloud requirements in the age of cloud.

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