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Why AquaNX Managed Colo Services?

Data Centers Around the Globe

AquaNX offers Managed Colocation Across Data Centers Around The Globe, with Connectivities Through IP Transit,  SD-WAN and Leased Line.


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South Korea



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San Jose




Data Center Details


San Jose

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley

135,000 sq. ft. facilty on 4-acres

Security fence surrounds perimeter of property with single point of entrance

5.4MW of critical power capacity at N+1 conifguration 12 UPS units ,11 generators

54 CRAHs at Building I ,22 CRAHs at Building II

Carrier-neutral facility with leading providers e.g. CT CN2, 4134, CMI, CU, ATT, NTT, Telia, GTT, Comcast, Cogent, HE, Zayo

1G to 10G connectivity 11 Great Oaks Blvd Carrier Hotel Internet Exchange Points (IXPs)

Access to Multiple public cloud platforms, including Ali Cloud, AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure

Card key ,2-factor biometric authentication (finger print and iris scan)

Compliance: SOC 1, SOC 2, HIPAA,PCI,ISO 27001,HITRUST

Monitored 24x7x365 by experienced on-site engineers



2(N+1) UPS redundancy

18 MW critical load UPS capacity

1,500 W/SF power density

N+1 cooling redundancy

Hot/cold aisle configuration

100% power SLA

1.3 PUE rating

Subsea connectivity to Asia-Pacific

100 Gbps network backbone, scalable to 400 Gbps

3 Tb total network capacity

Layer 2 access to 80 on-net carriers

Proactive Layer 3 and Layer 4 DDoS protection

100% network and bandwidth uptime commitment



424,000+ sq. ft. of data center space,

Partial cabinets, full cabinets, cages, private suites and build-to-suit,

A cross connect to 1 Wilshire Building, to 300 Network Providers ,

Any2Exchange® for Internet peering and BBIX,

Diverse utility feeds,

24/7/365 in-house and on-site security qualified personnel,

Key cards, biometric scanners, 8’ perimeter fence, and controlled site access,

N, N+1, 2N UPS redundancy,

N+1 mechanical systems,

100% uptime SLA,

State-of-the-art mission-critical controls and monitoring,

Centralized N+1 chiller system with evaporative cooling towers utilizing a water-side economizer design,

High-efficiency UPS systems,

150 lbs./sq. ft. throughout facility,



Building Info:54,663 square feet of space

DC Description: Y5 is housed in a 4-story steel purpose-built facility with earthquake resistant construction, offering over 700 cabinets at full build

UPS Systems Generator: Provide a minimum N+1 redundancy to maximize uptime availability. Infrastructure includes uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems to prevent power spikes, surges and brownouts, and redundant backup diesel generators provide additional runtime. Using proprietary automated telemetric systems, IBX engineering team can monitor all power system components on-site or remotely, to respond quickly to any situation.

Security:All doors, including cages, secured with biometric hand geometry readers, kinetic and key locks on closed cabinets, and CCTV digital camera coverage of the entire center, including cages

Emergency Protection: Fully addressable fire detection system in all areas, aspirated early warning smoke detection system (monitored 24x7x365). Dry pipe pre-action sprinkler system and Inergen gas suppression system in technical areas.



DC Description:Tier 3+ data center, > 6,000 racks in common areas/private cage

UPS Systems: 2N Utility Power System configuration with 15 mins. battery backup

Generators: 2N design, Standard power zone: average 3kVA per rack, High power zone: upto 9kVA per rack, Multiple fuel tanks planned capacity 85,000 liters

Security: 24 hours surveillance CCTV with digital recording, 24 hours entrance security guards to control access, Access control systems / trap doors

Emergency Protection:Gas based FM200 fire suppression system, Double interlock pre-action sprinkler, Distance type water detection system



Building Info:26,743 m2 of gross space & 7 data floors

DC Description: Scalable IT space, purpose built, exceeds tier 3 operational performance

UPS Systems:Utility power supply capacity of 25MVA (current and planned). Technical (IT) power supplied by on-site 2N static UPS in the main building and by diesel rotary UPS with N+1 redundancy in the extension wing

Generators: 22kV utility supply with N+N redundancy. Mechanical systems supported by diesel backup generator system in the main building with N+1 redundancy

Security: Operations centre & security guard patrols manned 24x7x365. Continuous CCTV surveillance of external and internal areas, CCTV records kept for 31 days, with comprehensive intruder detection and alarms systems in all areas

Emergency Protection:Fully addressable fire detection system in all areas, aspirated early warning smoke detection system (monitored 24x7x365). Dry pipe pre-action sprinkler system and Inergen gas suppression system in technical areas



Building Info:75,000 m2 gross floor area, 10,065 m2 computer room, 60cm access floor, 5.1m floor height

DC Description: Tier level: similar to tier 3 level, modular system, Adjustable cooling duct system, panel board, cable tray, etc.

UPS Systems: Duplicated UPS power via STS, Average 3.3 ~ 4.4 kW/Rack

Generators: Dualized, N+1 system with diesel generator, N+2 distribute UPS and dualization of storage battery system

Security:Zoom and Titlt CCTV, Speed Gate, RF-card in elevator between floors, Bio-scan and RF-card at computer room entrances

Emergency Protection: 24/7 control room and satus monitor, Integrated management of every IDC system (monitor & controls network, power, constant temperature and humidity, fire-fighting, security system, etc.), SOP for Error prevention

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