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  • -Managed Colocation

    From 1U to Multiple Racks, AquaNX is the ideal colocation provider at the heart of the Silicon Valley, with our Tier3 data center facility, Optimized BGP Network with premium tier-1 providers, 24x7x365 onsite support. For our Colocation Service, please contact our sales at sales@aquanx.com.

  • -High Bandwidth Servers

    Our High Bandwidth Servers are designed for customers who require large amounts of bandwidth at high speeds, over a single or multiple ports -- all at very competitive prices. These high traffic servers offer dedicated bandwidth on dedicated ports

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  • -VPN Servers

    Our VPN servers always come with dedicated ports and dedicated bandwidth along with a larger IP allocation. Additional IP addresses can be provided for a fee with justification. Our VPN servers have optimal routing to North America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. For customized VPN servers, please contact sales@aquanx.com.

  • -Streaming Servers

    Streaming servers are designed for customers who are looking to stream video and audio content on the web using the various stream server (Windows Media, SHOUTcast, Flash Media etc..) platforms.

    For customized Streaming servers, please contact sales@aquanx.com.

  • -Fully Managed Servers

    With a Fully Managed Dedicated Server, AquaNX will make sure the server stays updated with the latest security patches at all times, install and configure any needed software for you and troubleshoot any issue you might be having with your server or with the software installed on it. Fully Managed Servers are available as an upgrade. 

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  • -Customized Servers

    If you can’t find the sever you need from our listings above, please email sales@aquanx.com, and we will be happy to build your server for you. We are able to support virtually any type of hardware configuration and software configuration your business requires.