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Frequent Answer Questions

Our public internet network is built to ensure maximum reach and high performance. Our goal is to establish a jitter-free, low latency, and varied route network to enhance your overall satisfaction. Engineered to provide great connectivity to North America, Asia, Europe and Africa. Our network features:

  • · How Do I Contact You If I Need Something?
  • · When Am I Invoiced for Services?
  • · What If There Is A Hardware Problem?
  • · What is the AquaNX Network?
  • · How Much Bandwidth Can I Use?
  • · What If I Forget My Passwords
  • · Service Setup Time
  • · Long Term Payment Discounts
  • · Appropriate Usage
  • · How Do I Add Additional IP
  • How Do I Contact You If I Need Something?

    If you have a support question and are a current customer you may open a support ticket 

    For other questions you may contact us at any of the following: 
    billing [at] aquanx.com - Any billing questions
    support [at] aquanx.com - Support inquiries
    sales [at] aquanx.com - Sales or general inquiries
    abuse [at] aquanx.com - Abuse complaints and DMCA

    When Am I Invoiced for Services?

    Your first invoice will include charges for the first month of service from the sign-up date. From that point on services are billed for monthly in advance of each service period (i.e. hosting charges for February would be presented on the January invoice). Existing accounts for which new services are ordered will be sent an invoice after the order is placed. Payment for those new services is due upon receipt. If you have elected to pay by credit card then your credit card will be automatically charged on the invoice due day. We accept Master Card, Visa, Discover and American Express. We also accept PayPal and Alipay. Please contact billing [at] aquxnx.com with any billing questions.

    What If There Is A Hardware Problem?

    If you experience a hardware failure on your server please open a ticket to notify our staff of the failure. Your existing hardware will be repaired or replaced at no cost. If a primary component of your server fails, your existing drives will be moved to another server at no cost.

    What is the AquaNX Network?

    Our network infrastructure is a simplified two-tier design based on routers and switches all from the best-in-class equipments. At the core of our network we have multiple routers all employing BGP routing protocols. Each core router consists of dual MSM management modules (in active-active mode) providing both improved routing speeds and resiliency. Every customer attached switch is multi-homed to our core routers. This provides fault-tolerance and redundant network paths in the case of connectivity loss to a core router.

    AquaNX servers are located at HE Data Center in Fremont, and Coresite Data Center in San Jose, California.

    How Much Bandwidth Can I Use?

    All of our servers are connected via 100 Mbit ethernet and include a full 100 Mbps of ingress (incoming) bandwidth. Your egress (outgoing) traffic is limited to your specific plan.
    Currently we offer various bandwidth choices applicable to egress traffic. The bandwidth options are for guaranteed (ie. not shared) bandwidth. This means if you opt for the 50 Mbps plan you are free to push a full 50 Mbps whenever and for however long you need.
    The chart below shows the maximum transfer available on each plan based on a 330 Gigabytes of transfer per Megabit per month 






     10 Mbps


     3.3 TB


    33.0 TB

     50 Mbps


    16.5 TB


    33.0 TB

    100 Mbps


    33.0 TB


    33.0 TB

    What If I Forget My Passwords

    Please contact customer support through ticket for your Password Reset request. 

    Service Setup Time

    All VPS setups are automated/instant once payment is received.

    2-24 hours for dedicated servers once the payment is received. 

    Customized server order takes about 24 hours to setup once payment is received. 

    We DO NOT use any refurbished servers. 

    Long Term Payment Discounts

    We offer attractive long term payment plan as following:

    3 Months:     5% Discount 

    6 Months:    1 Month Free

    12 Months:  2.5 Months Free

    Appropriate Usage

    Quick Guideline:

    - IRC/IRCD/BOTS are not allowed

    - Content not against US and CA laws are allowed

    Please check out our AUP/TOS for more details. 

    How Do I Add Additional IP

    Additional IP addresses can be ordered at http://www.aquanx.com/portal/cart.php?a=add&pid=20. Please provide justification & server ID to be attached in the order.